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August 21 is National Senior Citizens Day: 5 Simple Things You Can Do to Celebrate With Your Clients

By Melissa Crump, J.D. August 18, 2017

In 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation creating National Senior Citizens Day...

What is Proactive Planning?

By ElderCounsel August 17, 2017

Proactive planning is designed to allow people to qualify for Medicaid without losing most, if..

The Current State of the Affordable Care Act

By Valerie Peterson, J.D. August 10, 2017

The Republican Party appears to be sending differing signals following the collapse of Senate..

Trustees Need Help

By ElderCounsel August 4, 2017

Trust administration is a critical component of the elder law process. With more people passing..

Four Common Misconceptions About Trusteeship in a Special Needs Trust

By ElderCounsel August 1, 2017

Special Needs Trusts have two primary objectives: Fiduciary management and government benefit..

Invest in Yourself and Your Elder Law Practice at Symposium 2017

By ElderCounsel July 19, 2017
Every year, Symposium brings together innovative minds from multiple fields to empower you to..