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3 Tips to a Better Initial Consultation

Something they never teach you in law school is how to run a business. We weren't taught how to close business and marketing. We only learned the law. 

When you have a potential client in your office, you can't use the legal knowledge you learned in school until they decide to hire you. 

So that brings us to the question: How do you get hired?

I sat down with Chuck Terry of SalesGrowth MD, Inc. to talk about three areas that attorneys can focus on to improve their initial consultation and get that potential client to hire them for their services. 


We just started to scratch the surface of what it takes to work through the initial consultation. There are several things to take into consideration from the get-go relating from different communication styles and buying behaviors.

3 Tips to a Better Initial Consultation

  1. Communicate in a way the client is comfortable and is impactful
  2. Have a process for the initial meeting
  3. Dig deeper to understand the reason the client came to your office

Chuck and I are coming together in Denver December 9-10 to dive into this topic deeper. Join us and learn how to discover the WHY and change the focus from you to them. Work through the pain progression that we touched upon in our conversation and get the clients. 

Getting Potential Clients to “Yes”
Presented by:
Chuck Terry, SalesGrowth MD, and Jim Wolverton, JD, ElderCounsel
December 9-10   |   Location: The LAB @ Denver


ElderCounsel Members: Contact your Account Manager for current promotions for practice development workshops. 


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