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6 Reasons Why You Need a Newsletter to Grow Your Elder Law Practice

Whether you’re an established elder law practice owner, or you’re just beginning to add elder law to an existing estate planning practice, you need to maintain contact with your referral sources and clients. Newsletters offer a valuable tool to do just that by providing information your audience will actually look forward to receiving.

Here are six reasons you should be using a newsletter to grow your elder law practice:

  1. Newsletters allow you to deliver valuable content on elder law planning and legal document preparation.
  2. Newsletters make your elder law planning clients and referral sources feel valued.
  3. Newsletters are a great tool to reinforce your elder law practice as a credible thought leader.
  4. Newsletters can be part of a subtle, but smart marketing plan for lawyers, to keep your elder law practice top of mind with your audience.
  5. Newsletters are a cost-effective way to extend your reach to your referral sources, clients, and more.
  6. Newsletters help you increase traffic to your website and can be a powerful tool to boost your social media following.

ElderCounsel membership includes access to the ElderCounsel Newsletter. This content will help you create a valuable newsletter for your own elder law practice. Every other month, we provide content via a Microsoft Word document, allowing members to easily customize the copy, apply branding, or place the content into an existing newsletter template. We also have dozens of archived issues with timeless content that can be used anytime. Our newsletter content is tailored for effective digital outreach and website content.  

At ElderCounsel, we know that running a business takes a lot of time. That’s why we want to help you automate processes wherever possible. In addition to the ElderCounsel Newsletter content  we also offer the add-on service of facilitating the delivery of your newsletter to all of your contacts.

To see how ElderCounsel can help boost your practice, request a demo today.

 Document Preview: ElderCounselor Newsletter Sample


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