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Second Chance to Save for Symposium 2018

By ElderCounsel March 8, 2018

The ElderCounsel and WealthCounsel Symposium is the most comprehensive and practical dive into..

The Value in Building Relationships with Nursing Homes

By ElderCounsel March 8, 2018

As an attorney, much of your business is based on the relationships you forge with other..

Account Manager Spotlight: Maggie Smothers

By ElderCounsel March 7, 2018

Every ElderCounsel member has a dedicated Account Manager. This person is a gateway to..

Stop Struggling to Attract Clients to Your Elder Law Firm

By ElderCounsel January 30, 2018


Elder law practice is an attractive area of law for many attorneys looking to get out of other..

Why Your Future Profits are Determined in the Initial Consultation

By ElderCounsel January 26, 2018

The initial client consultation is an area where elder law attorneys devote a lot of time and..

Increase Your Online Presence with a Facebook Business Page

By ElderCounsel January 22, 2018

Consumers are increasingly turning to social media to not only interact with friends and family..

How a Client Maintenance Program Improves the Attorney/Client Relationship

By ElderCounsel January 9, 2018

Client maintenance programs can be a boon to any business that’s providing professional or legal..

Trust Protectors Are Not a “One-Size-Fits-All” Solution

By ElderCounsel January 5, 2018

The use of trust protectors in domestic trusts has exploded in recent years. Their popularity is..

Looking Beyond Retirement: An Elder Care Financial Checklist

By ElderCounsel January 4, 2018

As parents age, it’s common for their adult children or loved ones to become concerned about..

Top 10  ElderDocx® Document Sets Assembled in 2017

By ElderCounsel December 27, 2017

Our final "best of 2017" series is all about ElderDocx. Our members will agree when we say..

Two Immersion Camps to Help You Serve the Underserved

By ElderCounsel December 21, 2017

Two areas of the population that are greatly underserved are Veterans and people with special..

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