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Benefits of SEO for Your Elder Law Practice Website

As an elder law attorney, or an attorney that’s currently adding elder law to an existing practice, you definitely want to establish a large client base. And there’s no better place to attract elder law clients than the Internet. After all, the older population is getting more and more Web-savvy and it’s a safe bet that an online search is the first place they’ll look when seeking elder law planning and services. To that end, the Internet can be a powerful tool when it comes to marketing for elder law firms.

To increase your elder law practice’s visibility, you need to have an attractive website, and the more interesting and relevant the content you fill your site with, the more visitors you’ll attract. It’s no secret that the more eyeballs you have on your site, the better your chance to attract new clients.

Driving Traffic to Your Website with SEO

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, there are several things you can do. Using search engine optimization to increase the visibility of your site in search engine results is among the most beneficial and effective.

When your website has a high ranking in search results, you will have a greater ability to reach new potential leads and therefore attract elder law clients. Several types of searches can be targeted using SEO, including news and image, video, academic, and industry-specific searches. Thanks to Google and other tech giants, SEO is becoming more intuitive every day and therefore, more effective in helping you increase the visibility of your website. SEO involves both what terms are being searched by Internet users and also how the search engines work.

SEO is not an instant strategy, and you won’t immediately see your elder law practice pop up on page one of Google results. Done right, however, the process of honing SEO will deliver results for your firm. It’s important to focus on being consistent in implementing your SEO strategy. It will be integral to the development of your elder law practice, whether you are focused solely your online business, or you want to expand your brick-and-mortar business with the addition of an online presence.

Proper Implementation is Key

Many websites fail to reach their target audience because of poor implementation of SEO techniques. Today, almost every business has an online presence, therefore the competition in getting to the first page of the search engines will be more fierce. By applying the right SEO techniques, your website will be better positioned to compete with other websites, thus ensuring the success of your business.

Keywords play a major role in SEO and should be properly identified and implemented into your articles and website pages to give you maximum results. Keywords are the words or phrases Internet users enter in their search engines when they want to find something. Search engines will look for several items when they visit your site, and keywords are one of them. Then they will consider whether the content on your site matches a particular search term, and if your site meets the criteria, the search engine will rank your site.

By conducting keyword research for the product or service you offer, you will know exactly what people are looking for when they search the Internet. For instance, as an attorney specializing in serving the needs of the elderly, it would be good to use the keywords "elder law lawyer" and “elder care laws” for your site. You can further tailor your keywords based on your niches or specific areas of expertise within your practice. There are a number of online SEO tools and resources available to help you get started with SEO and identify effective keywords.

Once you’ve identified appropriate keywords potential clients are likely using, the next step is to develop content — articles or blogs — that incorporates those words and publish them on your website. By doing so you will lead visitors who search for such keywords to your website.

As previously mentioned, getting your site to be first on the top page of search engine sites may be a complicated task, but once you begin gaining traction and moving up in search engine results, you will reap many rewards for your elder law practice.


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