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Celebrating National Elder Law Month During COVID-19 Pandemic

May is National Elder Law Month. This designation was established by the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) as a way to acknowledge the profession which supports the senior community (defined as people over 65 years) with all of their planning needs. It is celebrated by elder law attorneys throughout the country who offer special living days, seminars, clinics, and other activities to educate the public.

With stay-at-home orders in place and the stresses COVID-19 is putting on our country; things are not business as usual right now. We are unable to celebrate the typical way by hosting a luncheon or taking a referral source out for coffee. But, this does not mean we can't still get the word out about what you do as an elder law attorney—you just have to be a little more creative.

We have resources available to get you set up with virtual events and a tool kit with tips for digital outreach. 

Here are some ideas to get the word out about National Elder Law Month that adheres to social distancing regulations:

  1. Host a virtual coffee hour.
  2. Call referral sources and see if there is anything you can do to help support them.
  3. Write a "What is elder law" blog and share it on social media.
  4. Handwrite a note to referral sources.
  5. Write an article in your local paper about the importance of proactive planning.
  6. In an electronic newsletter, include a client story or testimonial that capitalizes on the value of your services.

Many people question, "What is elder law?" If you are a practicing elder law attorney, we know you know the definition, but do your prospective clients and referral sources? Those are the people that benefit from your services the most. Use National Elder Law Month as a way to educate your community on the importance of what you do as an elder law attorney. Need a refresher on explaining elder law in easy-to-understand terms? Download the "What is Elder Law?" whitepaper. 

ElderCounsel Members! You have access to this whitepaper (and so much more) at eldercounsel.com—check out the "What is Elder Law" recording in the mlibrary.


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