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Commitment: Are You Committed?

What is commitment and how does it work in the world we live in? Commitment is the state of being bound--emotionally, intellectually, or both--to a particular person or course of action. Commitment starts with a choice (ideally thoughtfully made and aligned with virtuous purpose) and is sustained by dedication and perseverance. Commitment is active – it is expressed and realized in our thoughts and actions.
Commitment is more than just obligation – it is a giving of ourselves, sometimes at high personal cost or risk, to a person or purpose that we find worthy of that gift. Like other forms of giving, commitment can produce some of life's greatest satisfactions. I heard a story once about a pig and a chicken that were walking down the road. The chicken says,”Hey pig, I was thinking we should open a restaurant.” The pig replies, ”Hum, maybe, what would we call it?” The chicken responds,” How about ham and eggs?” The pig thinks for a moment and says,”No thanks. I’d be committed, but you’d only be involved.”
Commitment can take on many different forums and can include all actions of life. For example, I was nineteen when I first met my husband, and the attraction was immediate. We instantly fell in love, and six months later decided to get married. My husband was twenty-two at the time. Even though my family and friends tried to convince me not to get married, I went ahead with my decision. Everyone said that it would never work, but it’s been twenty eight years now and we are still together and happily married. There have been problems and issues but those are all part of any marriage. The important thing to remember is that if you are sincere and you are committed, you can overcome all obstacles.
Commitment is also seen in the workplace.  To have a successful law practice or a successful business, you must be committed to your purpose and to those you serve.  Yes, there will be obstacles and times that you question whether it is worth all of the effort you are putting in to it, and there may be times you question whether you are in the right profession.  But those who remain committed to their purpose and to those they serve always find a way to thrive, where those who are simply involved often find it easier to give up and move on to something else.
At ElderCounsel, we are committed to providing excellent service and will do all we can to provide the necessary services to make our members successful.   This is demonstrated by what we do, how we feel and the way we care for our members from our excellent support staff like Brian Albee and Nina Rosson who are dedicated to programming and supporting ElderDocx™, our Member Services Representatives, Melanie Smith and Kimberley Loveless who provide the excellent customer care and most importantly Valerie Peterson, our Executive Director who provides excellent Leadership Skills and is determined and committed to excellence. WOW!  What an example of a TOTALLY committed organization.  
I believe that as we walk through life there are those who are committed to all that they do, like the pig in the story above, and there are those who are just involved, like the chicken. The question that I would ask, is which one are you, COMMITTED or INVOLVED?
Lisa Evans
Director of Member Services

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