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Developing Effective Relationships with the Geriatric Care Community

Establishing strong relationships with professionals who work with seniors and their families is important to an elder law practice. After all, your network is not about who you know, but who knows you. Part of any strategy to gain clients is a robust network with key relationships in your community. Members of the geriatric care community interact and serve your potential clients and their families every day and should be part of your referral network. 

Watch this recorded course and learn important tips and tricks for building and sustaining relationships with professionals in the geriatric care community, in particular Geriatric Care Managers and Geriatric Care Physicians.

Developing Effective Relationships with the Geriatric Care Community
Dennison Keller, J.D., Law Practice of Dennison Keller, and Valerie L. Peterson, J.D., ElderCounsel, LLC


Developing Effective Relationships with the Geriatric Care Community


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