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ElderDocx® and Apple

Our team has a good understanding of which product solutions are best suited for different types of workflows within a firm, so if your firm is looking at adding a Mac or iPad to your office anytime soon, and would like to utilize everything our software has to offer from those devices, please feel free to reach out to your member services representative or contact memberservices@eldercounsel.com and we will schedule a time for you to discuss the needs of your firm with one of our Apple Specialists. 

Recently, we have seen a much larger percentage of our members start to use Apple products as tools within their firms.  As Apple computers have become more capable of handling tasks in the workplace, many users have moved to Apple for some of the benefits their products offer. HotDocs, which is a key component to our ElderDocx® system, does not natively run on Macs or other Apple products. So, we've discovered alternative methods for using our software with Apple products.
The first of two options we offer is to run Windows on your Mac in a VM environment. This allows you to run the ElderDocx software directly within Windows on your Mac. We have both ElderCounsel staff members and ElderCounsel member firms who use our software in this environment, and it works great in most cases. Parallels and VMware are the two most widely used virtualization software packages and our team has experience with both of these. Our team offers assistance throughout the entire process of setup for both new member firms that join us with Apple products already in place, or existing member firms adding Apple products to their workflow.
The second option for using ElderDocx® on Apple products is to use our cloud-based software. This method also allows you to use ElderDocx® seamlessly through any Mac or PC using you internet browser, but includes the additional flexibility of using the software from your iPad as well. Our cloud-based software can be used from most devices that have an active internet connection. Many of our member firms use the cloud and appreciate the additional flexibility this option gives.

Pricing for the Cloud is on a per user basis. There is a one-time set up fee of $150 for each user, and a monthly recurring charge of $40/per user. Purchase the cloud offering by clicking here.


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