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Elder Law Immersion Camp Ah-ha Moments

At the end of every member exclusive Elder Law Immersion & Practice-Building Camp, we have attendees reflect back on everything they learned during the course and state their "Ah-ha" moment. Some state the obvious..."I need to be more aggressive and have a price sheet." But others blow us away with their responses:

"Before this course, I heard that you can wrap your arms around elder law fairly quickly. In three days, this course proved that. This has increased my confidence and now I have the opportunity to build this into my practice right off the bat. Proactive planning can be coupled with the estate planning that my business is already doing."

"I recently moved into elder law from criminal law. This course has been very helpful because it made me realize that many of my skills can transfer. They may not be the technical skills but now I’ve learned the technical part and my confidence has sky rocketed and I’m excited to go do it."

"My biggest take-away is that I will be successful if I get out of my own way."

The next Elder Law Immersion Camp is in New Orleans June 6-8. Learn the tools to take your practice to the next level. And just think...one of these ah-ha moments could be yours next month. 

Elder Law Immersion & Practice-Building Camp 
June 6-8 in New Orleans and Via Live Webcast
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