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Increase Referrals and Revenue with Seminars

We often hear the following questions and comments from attorneys:  "How do I get more clients? Why isn't my phone ringing? I'm not making the revenue I want to make."

ElderCounsel serves thousands of attorneys across the country and we see what works for successful attorneys. 

A consistent activity of successful attorneys is speaking engagements. Successful attorneys either speak for community groups or host their own events. Many of them do both.

Speaking engagements work for getting new clients and referral sources, but not without a lot of planning, preparation, and practice. That that is what our "Creating Events that Generate Revenue" workshop will teach you. We'll take away the mystery of why your last speaking engagement didn't work. This course will help you with all each stage of planning, executing and following up a speaking engagement:

  • What you will talk about
  • How you will talk about it
  • Defining your audience
  • How you get the word out 
  • How you follow-up with attendees and no-shows

Watch the video below for a few of the biggest takeaways from the latest workshop.


Invest your time with us for two days so you can focus on your law firm so you can help more people. We realize you are busy and we are here to help you.

Creating Events that Generate Revenue
Next Workshop: March 17-18, 2020
Location: The LAB @ Denver



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