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Marty Burbank Pledges College Tuition to 26 Children

ElderCounsel member and elder law attorney Marty Burbank had big plans to buy a new 40-foot sloop and sail off into retirement with his wife. Then, one Sunday sermon on giving changed everything. 

Marty abandoned immediate plans of sailboats and sunsets and offered to pay the college tuition for 26 children at Rio Vista Elementary School, in Anaheim CA. It is estimated that Marty's pledge will total approximately $1.2 million. To ensure the funds for the children's tuition, Marty and his wife will put $80,000 a year in a donor advised fund and they hope there will be extra funds left over so that they can help more children. 
The one requirement is that parents keep Marty and his wife apprised of the children's academic progress and every year the students must submit a picture or write an essay describing what a college education will mean to them and their family. The class presented Marty and his wife with thank-you cards earlier this week as a token of their gratitude. While they may not realize it now, each of their lives are forever changed.

Marty says that he may one day buy the boat, but providing college for these Rio Vista Elementary children has brought him and his wife immeasurable joy. 
We are honored to call Marty an ElderCounsel Member and applaud such a generous act of kindness. Click here to watch Marty's appearance on The Meredith Vieira Show. 

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To learn more about Marty and his firm visit: http://www.ocelderlaw.com/index.php

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