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Member Spotlight: Mark E. Wight, Esq.

Get Real Planning for Life Death and Disability.jpgElderCounsel member Mark Wight hosts Senior Matters Radio, a weekly radio show in his local community and leverages referral sources as guests on the show. His guests range from doctors, geriatric care managers, nurses, home health agencies, hospice workers, assisted living communities, Alzheimer experts and financial planners. As an example, this past weekend he talked with Ahley Newman of Harrison's Hope about hospice and end of life care (podcast available here). After each show, he posts the podcast on his website and links it on social media for easy access to the public. With over 100 shows and two years of the show, Mark will be turning Senior Matters Radio into a self-funding venture by using sponsors to cover the costs of production and airtime. He also authored Get Real: Planning for Life, Death, and Disability as a way to showcase his expertise and to use as a lead magnet. Being a published author and radio host makes him a thought leader in his community and is a perfect example of different ways to market your law firm.

Mark is Founder and President of Idaho Estate Planning in Eagle, Idaho. He is passionate about helping families plan for their futures. He spends his time counseling individuals as they seek to protect their assets as well as speaking to groups on the same topic. His expertise on the topic is sought by attorneys, insurance agents, and other professionals.


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