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Member Success Story: Julie Carlson

We recently sat down with Attorney Julie Carlson of Life Law Planning Group to hear the journey that brought her to elder law and how she utilizes an ElderCounsel membership to support her business and professional development.


Julie’s journey into elder law wasn’t planned but was a result of a personal experience. After her father suffered a stroke, her family looked to her for help and legal assistance. At the time Julie was practicing privacy law and elder law was out of her wheelhouse. After a lot of searching, she was able to find someone with the appropriate experience in elder law to help her family through this difficult time.

This personal experience left Julie wanting to help other families like hers, and she decided to take the leap into elder law and started her own practice. 

Before taking on elder law clients, Julie knew she needed comprehensive training. She joined ElderCounsel to get access to courses that would help get her up to speed on the legal-technical aspects of starting an elder law firm. Her membership also included access to ElderDocx, a drafting system full of legal documents that were constantly being updated to follow state and federal regulations. She was excited about this because it took the pressure of drafting from scratch off of her shoulders.

After joining ElderCounsel, Julie went straight to work. Her dedicated Member Consultant worked closely with her to help her maximize the resources available through membership. As a result, Julie was able to master the software and customize the documents to be ready for any scenario new and existing clients might bring her way.

Julie Carlson Testimony (1)Julie said, “ElderDocx has been like having a personal assistant for me as a solo practitioner.” She can now draft many standard documents in a matter of minutes when it used to take her hours. 

In addition to education and document drafting software, ElderCounsel was able to offer other important services to support Julie’s new business. As an attorney entering a new practice area, marketing support was crucial to maximize her firm’s credibility and reach her ideal clients. Julie worked with the ElderCounsel team to create a new website for Life Law Planning Group and recalled, “They created a modern website for a law firm that I could be proud of.” The new website highlights the services offered by her firm, features a collection of content optimized for search engines including a blog, and supports the brand she has built.

ElderCounsel membership has proved to be a greater asset than Julie ever imagined. With ElderDocx and the continued support of the ElderCounsel team, her practice has thrived. “There are a lot of companies out there that provide educational tools to attorneys seeking to become elder law attorneys,” said Julie, “I really believe that ElderCounsel has the best tools on the market.

Supporting attorneys like Julie is what we do best at ElderCounsel. Whether you are new to practicing elder law or looking for resources to support your existing practice, we can help. Contact our team today to discover how ElderCounsel membership will help your firm grow and exceed its goals.


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