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Latest ElderDocx Update Includes New Marketing Documents

A perk of ElderCounsel membership is having access to ElderDocx®. We are constantly making improvements to the document drafting software and we are very excited about our latest update that was just released. 

Here’s a list of the enhancements:

  • The Oklahoma statutory Healthcare Power of Attorney was added.
  • A required warning was added to the Tennessee nonstatutory Healthcare Power of Attorney.
  • A new revocation option was added to the New York statutory Financial Power of Attorney.
  • The revocation options were streamlined in the nonstatutory Financial Power of attorney.
  • Power of direction language was added to the Florida Certification of Trust.
  • Interview alerts pertaining to case law were updated.
  • Added options to the revocable living trust to give a beneficiary the right to serve as trustee or cotrustee.
  • Language was added to the Standalone Will to allow for the payment of burial and funeral expenses of the Testator.
  • A new marketing module was added!

The marketing module is the first of its kind in ElderDocx. Normally, ElderDocx deals with legal documents, letters, retainer agreements, questionnaires, and the like. However, we wanted to give our members an edge in getting clients through the door!

new elderdocx module

Here’s a run-down of the new content in the marketing module, and when you would use each.

  • Letter to Clients – Expanding Services
    This letter can be sent as a bulk letter or to a specific addressee. You could send this letter to current clients that you have served in other areas, such as family law or business law, to let them know that you also handle elder law cases.
  • Letter to Prospects – Promoting Services
    This letter can also be sent as a bulk letter or to a specific addressee. You would send this letter to folks in your community that you haven’t worked with before, letting them know about the types of services you offer.
  • Letter to Attorney – Promoting Services
    Other local attorneys can be a great referral source for clients who need your help. This letter details what types of cases would be appropriate to send your way.
  • Letter to Facility – Promoting Services
    A major part of elder law is getting clients qualified for Medicaid benefits to pay for long-term care. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities could serve as a great referral source for you, so send this letter to them to let them know why their patients might need your services.
  • Letter to Financial Planner – Promoting Services
    Financial planners help their clients build and preserve wealth. This letter lets them know they should refer clients to you so you can further protect their client’s wealth through long-term care planning.
  • Letter to Medicaid Office – Introduction
    This letter invites the staff at your local Medicaid office to get to know you, so you can best prepare and submit Medicaid applications for acceptance.
  • Letter to Anyone – Invitation to Open House
    Invite your community to your law firm’s open house.
  • Email to Anyone – eBook and Testimonial Links
    Copy this verbiage that has links to your promotional content into an email to market your services to your community.
  • Email to Anyone – Video Links
    This verbiage links to your external videos on various social media platforms.
  • Press Release Announcing Elder Law Services
    This is an official announcement you can send to your local newspaper, Bar journal, or other publication. You can also post this on your website or use it as a blog.

We are really excited about this new ElderDocx module and can't wait for our members to jump in and start using it. We are passionate about giving law firms a state-of-the-art document drafting software program, along with all of the education, training, and support they need, to nurture and grow their elder law practice. Request a demo today to see ElderDocx in action.



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