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Take Advantage of the Holidays to Connect with Your Elder Law Clients


The holidays are typically a slower time for businesses, and elder law practices are no exception. But before you close up shop and await the New Year for business to pick back up, it’s important to understand that the holiday season can be the perfect time to connect with your elder law clients and prospects. In fact, doing so can go a long way toward further establishing and growing your business.

Don’t worry. We’re not talking about sending every one of your clients a fruitcake (although if know a client’s favorite holiday treat, sending it to them doesn’t hurt!). We’re talking about connecting with your clients on a personal level during this special time of year to show them that you care, that you understand their needs, and that you’re thinking about them during the holidays and all year long.

Choosing the best method to reach out to elder law clients and prospects during the holidays depends on your relationship you’ve established with each client. What one client appreciates, another may not, for example. Still, there are a few surefire ways to successfully connect and stay top of mind with your clients this holiday season.

Provide Useful & Beneficial Information

A monthly email newsletter is a great way to share useful information and stay on the minds of your clients and prospects as the holiday season ramps up. A holiday newsletter sent via U.S. Postal Service can be even more effective. What person doesn’t like to get holiday cards and newsletters in the mail this time of year?

Capitalize on this time of the season to share a mix of informative and fun information with your elder law clients and prospects. Remember that the connection you make here shouldn’t be overly promotional. Combine some legal strategies for estate planning in the New Year with a festive cookie recipe or tips on how to avoid falls or exhaustion during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, for example. Provide the right mix of information so that your clients and prospects feel they’re getting something of value and not just a sales pitch.

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Offer a Stand-Out Holiday Deal

The slowdown of the holiday season can bleed into the New Year for elder law attorneys too. Consider offering prospective clients a one-time deal or special service if they schedule a consultation with you in January. For example, you could offer a free meeting to focus on a specific topic of interest, such as Medicaid planning strategies. You could also offer your existing clients a discount if they refer a new prospect in the month of January or February.

Host a Holiday Open House

While the holiday season is very busy for many people, the elderly population often spends more time alone than their younger counterparts this time of year. Consider hosting a casual in-office event with light snacks or coffee and dessert. In addition to connecting with your clients and providing some holiday cheer, this can also be an opportunity for them to connect with other elders in their community. It can be a great way to gather some new client leads, too. Offer a gift giveaway during the event to collect names and email addresses to grow your sales list. And if transportation is an issue for your clients, set up a shuttle service to and from the event.

There are a number of thoughtful ways to connect with your clients during the holiday season. By taking advantage of this typically slower time of year, you can grow your personal client relationships while also making great strides to bolster your business in the year ahead.

If you’d like more information on practice-building strategies you can employ during the holidays and all year long, or marketing resources for lawyers, contact ElderCounsel today.


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