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‘Tis The Season…For Giving, Sharing or Buying?

Tis the season to be jolly!  What is the true meaning of the “Christmas Spirit”?   As a child my parents always seemed to give me anything and everything I asked for on Christmas morning.  I think most people would consider that as being spoiled.  As I grew older, the presents each year seem to be more lavish and more expensive than the last.  During my teenage years, the gifts were over the top and as everyone already knows, teenagers are ultra-expensive! 

I soon left the comforts of home and broke away from my parents and got married.  Do you think that stopped the gifts from rolling in on Christmas morning?  No it didn’t, as my husband continued the tradition and showered me each year with wonderful gifts.  After bringing two wonderful children into our lives I wanted to make sure that they too were showered with gifts at Christmas.  So we too found ourselves caught up in the gift giving epidemic!
Most of us get caught up in the gift-giving frenzy and, while there is certainly nothing wrong with this tradition, we can lose focus on what the meaning of the Christmas and holiday season is really meant to be.  With all the hype that comes each year, and with retail stores boasting their sales and late night shopping hours, we are lured in and encouraged by them to spend our hard earned money for the Spirit of Christmas!
I know this all too well, as I’ve been a part of this frenzy for the past 16 years.  I’ve been getting up at the crack of dawn on Black Friday to take advantage of all the well-advertised and supposedly fantastic deals!  I found myself standing in extremely long lines in department stores with very agitated and tired people.  But, this is all done in the wonderful Spirit of Christmas, right?
Christmas is a wonderful, celebratory time of year.  I enjoy getting ready for Christmas including the process of putting up the Christmas tree and decorating my home.  I relish the holiday cheer all around from my family, co-workers and even strangers. 
There was a time when most people truly understood the real meaning of Christmas and the Christmas spirit was plentiful. Now, most people are obsessed with buying gifts and going on late night spending sprees. People are jacking up credit cards and spending money that would better be spent on more important things. People lose their priorities during these holiday seasons and after it’s all over and done, they are left with the realization that they have to deal with the aftermath.
For me, the spirit of Christmas should be about spending time with family and friends and not only about what gifts you are getting or receiving.  By prioritizing and planning you can have a successful and prosperous Christmas Holiday and be filled with the Christmas Spirit.
In this blog, I challenge you to take a step back and think about what inspires you, what makes you happy and what fills you with the Christmas spirit!   

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