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12 of the Most Watched Courses of 2018

ElderCounsel members have access to an education library full of courses covering a wide variety of topics both legal-technical with CLE to business development. These videos are on-demand and available 24/7 so they can watch what they want, when they want. We offer suggestions on the viewing order for our newer members, but many times members search by topic or keyword to find the exact course that fits their need at that time. Other times, members set up a viewing checklist for their new associates and staff to make sure everyone is on the same page in the firm. 

Below we've compiled a list of the most popular courses in the education library. After seeing the list, you'll discover the library is a valuable resource lawyers that are new to the field of elder law and rely on our quality education to get them up and running in this area of the law. We also offer courses for intermediate and advanced elder law practitioners.

12 most watched courses in 2018

  1. Getting Started in Medicaid
  2. An Introduction To Trusts
  3. Understanding the Asset and Gifting Rules
  4. Medicaid Asset Protection Trust Drafting Camp
  5. Revocable Living Trust Drafting Camp
  6. Exempt Transfers, Annuities and Putting it All Together
  7. Entering Elder Law from the Ground Floor
  8. Entering VA Pension from the Ground Floor
  9. Must Use Tools for Crisis Planning
  10. Simplifying the Medicaid Application Process
  11. The MAPL a Win-Win for you and Your Clients
  12. Crisis Planning Strategies in a Nutshell

Get a sample of our education courses by viewing "Crisis Planning Strategies in a Nutshell" which made the top watched list of 2018.

Recorded Course: Crisis Planning Strategies in a Nutshell


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