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Understanding the Parental Protection Trust

By ElderCounsel May 21, 2018

Parental Protection Trusts are an option for your elder law clients in cases where traditional..

Understanding the Medicaid Family Protection Trust

By ElderCounsel May 16, 2018

The Medicaid Family Protection Trust is an option that should be considered for elder law..

Symposium Feature: Elder Law in an Age of New Tech

By ElderCounsel May 15, 2018

Symposium 2018 is rapidly approaching! The agenda is now available and new sessions continue to..

Understanding When to Use 4 Different Types of Asset Protection Trusts

By ElderCounsel May 6, 2018

The different types of asset protection trusts which can be established for the elderly..

Millennials are Key to Marketing Your Elder Law Firm

By ElderCounsel May 2, 2018

As an elder law attorney you’re focused on estate, Medicaid, retirement and end-of-life planning..

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