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ElderCounsel Volunteers at VA Medical Center in Washington DC

By ElderCounsel April 25, 2016
During the team retreat in Washington, DC, the ElderCounsel team had the privilege of visiting..

Knee Replacements for Boomers

By Valerie Peterson, J.D. September 16, 2015
A recent article titled, "Baby Boomers Flock to Get Knee Replacements" caught my attention as..

ElderDocx® and Apple

By ElderCounsel March 4, 2015

Our team has a good understanding of which product solutions are best suited for different types..

Intake Form vs. Design Sheets: Are You Using Them?

By ElderCounsel November 18, 2013
ElderCounsel provides several resources for the attorney or paralegal to use when collecting..

Commitment: Are You Committed?

By ElderCounsel July 11, 2013
What is commitment and how does it work in the world we live in? Commitment is the state of being..

Part One- A Brief Overview of Learning Styles and Why It’s Important to Identify Yours

By ElderCounsel June 27, 2013
There are three common learning styles; Kinesthetic, Auditory and Visual. A Kinesthetic learner..

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