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Building Joy Through Pause

By ElderCounsel September 11, 2013
What a busy life so many of us are living. We have work and kids and social lives, and we have ever..

Adventures in Staff Retreats

By ElderCounsel September 4, 2013

This was my very first corporate retreat, and as such, I didn't know what to expect.   I was..

Cheers to the practice of Elder Law!

By ElderCounsel May 28, 2013

Cheers to the practice of Elder Law!  Cheers to the brave and caring souls who help all those in..

A Journey through Your Practice Gameplan™

By Aylin Guven May 9, 2013

Included in ElderCounsel’s membership is a practice building roadmap that many new ElderCounsel..

Food for Thought by Member Services Representative Courtney Santoro

By ElderCounsel April 24, 2013

I have been a vegan for two years which means I don’t eat any animal products.  No meat, no dairy,..

Memorial Day Facts You May Not Have Known

By Valerie Peterson, J.D. May 25, 2012

Memorial Day is a time to remember those who died while serving our nation.  Celebrations are held..

Team Building While Giving Back

By ElderCounsel May 2, 2011
The ElderCounsel team recently traveled to New Orleans for a staff retreat along with its sister..

Headed to Heckerling!

By ElderCounsel January 6, 2011
ElderCounsel is off to Orlando, Florida next week to exhibit at the 45th Annual Heckerling..

Benefits We Get From Saying "Thank You"

By Valerie Peterson, J.D. April 5, 2010
We all know (or should know) the positive effect a handwritten or verbal "thank you" has on the..

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