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Member Spotlight: Kevin Weatherbee

By ElderCounsel August 30, 2016
ElderCounsel Member Kevin Weatherbee presented "Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Seniors at Home in..

Member Spotlight: Carol M. Thomas, J.D., LL.M

By ElderCounsel August 23, 2016
On June 1, 2016, ElderCounsel Member Carol Thomas, began her reign as Ms. Senior USA for 2016-2017...

Member Spotlight: Leslie Wizelman, CELA

By ElderCounsel August 16, 2016
Congratulations to ElderCounsel Member Leslie Wizelman on being awarded the prestigious..

Member Spotlight: Patrick Roth

By ElderCounsel August 9, 2016
ElderCounsel member Patrick Roth was the main presenter at a recent w orkshop in his community..

Member Spotlight: Vincent Bonazzoli

By ElderCounsel August 2, 2016
Congratulations to ElderCounsel member Vincent Bonazzoli for receiving the Accredited Estate..

Member Spotlight: Justin Elrod

By ElderCounsel July 19, 2016
We have quality members and industry thought leaders throughout the country and Justin is a prime..

Member Spotlight: Anthony Bradley

By ElderCounsel July 7, 2016

ElderCounsel Member Anthony Bradley, owner of The Bradley Law Firm PLLC in Germantown, Tennessee,..

Member Spotlight: Greg McIntyre

By ElderCounsel June 21, 2016
Congratulations to Greg McIntyre for his new book " Saving the Farm: A practical guide to the legal..

Member Spotlight: Michael Gilfix

By ElderCounsel May 31, 2016
ElderCounsel member Michael Gilfix, Esq. recently commented on alleged practice of nursing home..

Marty Burbank Pledges College Tuition to 26 Children

By ElderCounsel March 31, 2016
ElderCounsel member and elder law attorney Marty Burbank had big plans to buy a new 40-foot sloop..

Increasing Your Elder Law Practice’s Bottom Line

By ElderCounsel June 23, 2014

Meet Nicole Wipp, an elder law attorney who is passionate not only about helping seniors and their..

Venturing out…how to start (and succeed) in building your own Elder Law practice

By ElderCounsel April 22, 2014
Nancie Dorjath is not new to elder law, or even to helping seniors. She grew up in a part of..

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