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Part One- A Brief Overview of Learning Styles and Why It’s Important to Identify Yours

By ElderCounsel June 27, 2013
There are three common learning styles; Kinesthetic, Auditory and Visual. A Kinesthetic learner..

A Journey through Your Practice Gameplan™

By Aylin Guven May 9, 2013

Included in ElderCounsel’s membership is a practice building roadmap that many new ElderCounsel..

Marketing Tips for Your Elder Law Practice

By ElderCounsel March 28, 2013

Elder law attorneys often wonder whether or not they can truly gain value from their direct-mail..

Are You Tripping Over Dollars to Make Pennies in Your Elder Law Practice?

By Valerie Peterson, J.D. June 18, 2010

Perhaps you’ve had a good year, but not a great year, in your elder law practice. Maybe you’ve..

“I Can’t Get Clients to Plan Early for Elder Care”

By ElderCounsel October 26, 2009

How many times have you said this in your own elder law practice? As elder law attorneys, we know..

Lessons Learned From The Amazing Race

By ElderCounsel October 23, 2009
During a recent team building retreat, the staff at ElderCounsel participated as a team in "The..

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