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Four Common Misconceptions About Trusteeship in a Special Needs Trust

By ElderCounsel August 1, 2017

Special Needs Trusts have two primary objectives: Fiduciary management and government benefit..

ElderDocx Update Includes Change to Third-Party Supplemental Needs Trust

By Brian F. Albee, JD July 6, 2017
The ElderDocx Third-Party Supplemental Needs Trust was recently modified to accommodate..

Take the Plunge: Immerse Yourself in an ElderCounsel Camp

By ElderCounsel June 6, 2017

Have you plunged into an ElderCounsel Immersion Camp yet? Now is the time. All of our popular..

ElderCounsel Principal Attends Signing at White House

By ElderCounsel December 14, 2016

ElderCounsel Principal Michael Amoruso and his Seeing Eye Dog, Demitri, were present yesterday..

Special Needs Trust Fairness Act

By ElderCounsel December 9, 2016
We are excited to learn about passage of the Special Needs Trust Fairness Act as part of H.B...

Member Success Story: Katie May

By ElderCounsel October 29, 2014
We are proud to bring another interview to our ElderCounsel and Office Management members from..

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