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Yes, you can take it with you – accessing your files in the Cloud

If you are a member who subscribes to ElderDocx and/or WealthDocx in the Cloud – or if you are considering it, you may have asked yourself what to do with the documents and answer files that you currently have on your local computer or network.  The good news is that you can transfer them to the Cloud, giving you access to your files wherever you have internet access and an internet capable device.

When you are logging in to the Cloud, you have the option to allow access to your local files and locally connected devices.  Once you permit the access, you can now ‘see’ your local drives from Word, or when browsing using Windows Explorer in desktop full screen mode.  The names of any local drives will be followed by a ‘$’ sign, so your C: drive will be named C$.  Your Cloud drive is G:\Law Office Files, and you can create subfolders there to fit your needs.  You can open files, including documents and answer files, on your local computer and on your cloud drive, and copy files between them.

Why would you want to store your answer files and assembled documents in the Cloud? Imagine working on an interview at the office, and then continuing where you left off on a different computer away from the office.  It doesn’t matter if one device is a Windows PC, and another is an iPad, Mac, tablet or smartphone – you can start on one device and continue on another.  As long as you have internet access, you are good to go!

To learn more, please visit http://www.eldercounsel.com/Attorneys_CloudAccess.aspx


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