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You have an Advantage. Use it!

By Melissa Crump, J.D. March 29, 2017

As an elder law attorney, you work with older clients on a daily basis but are you helping your..

Meet the ElderCounsel Membership Representatives

By ElderCounsel March 28, 2017

Your success is our business. Let us help you get there.We are committed to serving our members..

Congress shifts its attention to tax reform

By ElderCounsel March 27, 2017

On Friday, March 24, House Republicans pulled their Obamacare repeal bill from the floor. What..

Vote expected today on repeal and replace legislation

By Valerie Peterson, J.D. March 24, 2017

Earlier this month (as discussed in a previous blog post) Republicans released the bill intended..

Yes, California. Your state is different.

By ElderCounsel March 23, 2017

Many Medi-Cal planning attorneys help seniors and their families when a health care crisis..

Member Spotlight: Brenda Geiger, J.D.

By ElderCounsel March 15, 2017
Congratulations to ElderCounsel Member Brenda Geiger for publishing the fourth edition of the..